About Henry's Coffee Company

OUR STORY (so far)

Henry  Brian McGregor
As career choices go, having been immersed in coffee and steeped in tea has been a great thing.

After more than 30 years of personal immersion and steeping, our company was born in the late summer of 2015.

Henry, my Grandson (and first Grandchild), was born in the autumn of 2014. Henry fills my heart with joy and for me he represents a bright future. Henry’s parents were kind enough to lend his name to our company and for a lot of the time (particularly on his regular visits to Henry’s Head Office) he is our inspiration.

Henry’s Coffee Company has great ambitions and very high ideals. We rely on family values and thrive on competition and challenge.

The reasons Henry’s Coffee Company exists are…

• We want to have FUN and we want the fun we have to rub off
• We want to be LOVED by our customers, by the people who work with us, by our suppliers and even by our competitors
• We want to be OUTSTANDING, to standout in a line up of coffee company suspects, for all the right reasons (broad, beaming smiles, running shoes, big ears and a caring heart)

We know there is nothing more important than happy and healthy relationships and at Henry’s we are driven in search of these relationships.

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